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Watermelon Granola Pizza

Watermelon granola pizza
  1. Use a sharp knife to cut off one end of the watermelon
  2. Cut the desired amount of watermelon “pizza pies”
  3. Cut each watermelon pie into 4th’s, then into 8th’s
  4. Next, set your watermelon on down on a cutting board that you want to serve it on (once you start decorating the slices, it will be harder to move)
  5. Drizzle some maple syrup on top of the watermelon
  6. Sprinkle some Forest Maple granola on top of the watermelon
  7. Spoon some coconut yogurt on top of the watermelon
  8. Next add your berries, including: strawberries (halved), raspberries (halved) and blueberries
  9. Decorate with edible flowers and lastly, sprinkle more granola on top
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