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FAQ, Granola Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life (Best Before Date) of your granola?

Jacquie hugging a granola display.Granola = 7 Months

All of our granola flavors have a seven-month shelf life. To preserve freshness and crunchiness, every bag is resealable (10-oz and 9-oz bags, as well as the 2-oz snack packs).

*Beyond Delicious Tips – Extending Granola Shelf Life:

  • When you open our granola bag and want to save some for later, try squeezing any air out of the bag before resealing it.
  • Refrigerating our granola can also extend shelf life beyond seven months. We do not use any preservatives in our products!

Granola Bars = 5 Months

Our granola bars have a five-month shelf life. Each granola bar package is metalized to maintain freshness without resorting to chemical preservatives!

Are your granola products GMO free?

Yes, all our granola products (except our Honey granola bars) are Non-GMO Project Verified.
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What ingredients in Golden Girl Granola should people with common allergies or strict diets be aware of?

Golden Girl Granola raw ingredientsGolden Girl Granola makes all natural, whole-grain granola that is both healthy and delicious! That means that we do not use any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Our granola is also free of many common allergens and substances, such as:

  • Dairy products / casein
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Cholesterol
  • Trans-fat

Does your granola use a lot of salt and sugar?

Our granola is low in salt and sugar content. When people first try our granola, they can’t believe how little salt and sugar is used! Our secret to making our granola taste so good is double-baking it at a low heat and hand-stirring between the baking stages.

Pumpkin Harvest granola on baking traysThis process does four magical things:

  1. Preserves crunchiness by exposing all ingredients to the heat! No “cluster” clumps in our granola.
  2. Creates honest flavor from toasting rather than adding excessive amounts of salt and sugar.
  3. Keeps granola ingredients intact! No product dust from high-speed machinery.
  4. Avoids chemical preservatives.

Are any Golden Girl Granola flavors gluten-free?

We’ll answer your question with a question! Is a gluten-free product a preference or a necessity for you?

If it’s a preference, then all of our granola flavors are gluten-free. We also hand-stir and produce our granola in a gluten-free kitchen!

If a gluten-free granola is a necessity (e.g., you have Celiac disease), our Truly Tropical granola flavor is safe because it has Certified Gluten-Free rolled oats by Bob’s Red Mill®. The certification means the rolled oats are guaranteed not to have been cross-contaminated with any grains that contain gluten.
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Does Golden Girl Granola use any peanuts?

No. Our products and our entire kitchen facility are peanut-free!
Peanut free granola graphic

Are any Golden Girl Granola flavors nut-free?

Home Sweet Honey granola (10 oz bag)Under the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) designation of coconut being a tree nut, we can not claim to have a nut-free granola flavor. However, our Home Sweet Honey granola is the only flavor that does not have nuts other than coconut shavings.

We bake Home Sweet Honey granola on days dedicated to only that granola. This process gives us the most confidence there will be no cross-contamination with any of the other granolas that do have nuts (excluding coconut).

All mixing equipment and baking trays are washed and sanitized each day as standard practice, and we use industrial dish washing equipment to do that. Hand mixing and stirring ingredients for our granola each day is fun! Dishwashing? Not so much.

Are your granola bags recyclable?

Recycle logoYes, depending on your community’s recycling program. The bags we use are industry standard bags that must comply with FDA specifications for food purity and safety for products that do not use preservatives to keep them “fresh.” The bags must also be able to be heat-sealed for additional protection.

Our bags are made of two easily recycled plastics: PET film (#1 recyclable logo) and polypropylene (#5 recyclable logo). The PET plastic protects the contents of the bag, and the polypropylene allows printing on the bag without resorting to an adhesive paper label that imposes more recycling limitations. The combination of both types of plastic render the bags as a “#7 other” plastic category for recycling.

What if my granola is sticking together?

Open refrigerator with food and drinksThis can happen with our honey-based granolas (Home Sweet Honey, Original, and Truly Tropical) as they use only wildflower honey as a sweetener. In a humid environment the honey can absorb moisture and cause the granola to stick together. If that happens, put the bag in a refrigerator for a few hours to restore the free-flowing crunch. Our granola is all-natural and free of preservatives, so we do not add extraneous chemicals to prevent honey from sticking.

Do you offer free shipping for online orders?

Baker stacking granola order boxesYes, we do! If your order total is $42 or more, you qualify for free shipping. Free shipping only applies to the contiguous states.

We use UPS Ground as our carrier and we typically fill orders in 1-3 days. We do not currently offer international shipping.

Granola Ingredient Benefits

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats in a bowl.Oats are the foundation of our all-natural granola. They are a whole-grain, nutrient-rich food that provides significant health and digestive benefits, such as:

  • Antioxidants that help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation
  • Dietary fiber that helps lower cholesterol levels
  • Multiple vitamins and minerals for a healthy body


Coconut shavings in a coconut shellCoconut is naturally sweet and has a lot of nutritional value! We feature this ingredient in 6 of our 8 granola flavors (excluding Forest Maple and Pumpkin Harvest) and our Honey granola bars. Coconut’s benefits include:

  • Boosting your energy levels as it helps burn fat in the body.
  • Improving the health of your bones and teeth (if you eat coconut regularly).
  • Providing HDL (good) cholesterol and reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol.


Sliced almonds next to whole almondsAlmonds provide so many nutrients, they can be considered a wholesome snack by themselves! We slice this popular nut for our granola so there is more surface area for toasting, which naturally enhances the flavor. Almonds can be found in 5 of our 8 granola flavors (excluding Home Sweet Honey, Truly Tropical and Pumpkin Harvest) and have great health benefits, such as:

  • Being low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats, protein and fiber
  • Containing a high amount of the mineral magnesium, which helps control blood sugar
  • Being one of the best sources of vitamin E, which is linked to lower rates of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease

Pure Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup next to maple leavesOur maple granolas use the finest “dark robust grade” maple syrup! Syrup darkens in color and develops a more robust maple flavor when it is tapped later in the maple season. Pure maple syrup has health benefits, such as:

  • Having as many as 24 different antioxidants
  • Being better for digestion than cane sugar or corn syrup
  • Being a source of vitamins and minerals like manganese (helps metabolism), iron (helps carry oxygen to parts of the body) and calcium (helps maintain strong bones)

Wildflower Honey

Wildflower honey in a jar next to flowersWildflower honey is a polyfloral honey made when bees pollinate a wide variety of flowers and blossoms. Quality wildflower honey is dark in color with a bold flavor and is the ingredient we use for our honey granolas. Wildflower honey provides multiple health benefits, such as:

  • Being rich in antioxidants, including organic acids
  • Helping lower bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Helping lower blood pressure