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Lavender Granola at Farm Fest

The Farm at SummitWynds lavender field.

Lavender Granola at Farm Fest

When you hear the word lavender, what comes to mind? Maybe the sight of a light purple herb, a sweet floral scent or an essential oil to help you sleep? Have you ever tasted lavender in ice cream, lemonade or all-natural granola? You can try these food items and so much more at Lavender Farm Fest!

Lavender Farm Fest

Lavender ice cream with Lavender and Lemon Granola topping.

Lavender ice cream with Lavender and Lemon granola topping!

A multi-day event celebrating all things lavender is held at The Farm at SummitWynds in Holden, MA. Their stunning lavender fields, joyous live music, fun kids’ activities and lavender infused foods and drinks make this an unforgettable event! We also think lavender would be a unique granola ingredient, which is why we partnered with The Farm at SummitWynds for an exclusive granola flavor.

“I was so pleased when Amy of SummitWynds contacted me about producing a lavender granola for them,” said Deborah O’Kelly (Golden Girl Granola Owner). “Our bakers thought the lavender would pair well with lemon, so they went to work creating a delicately delicious blend. Every year since 2021, we enjoy getting some fresh lavender and making this exclusive seasonal granola.”

Lavender and Lemon Granola next to lavender plant.

Lavender & Lemon Granola

Our Lavender & Lemon Granola is available exclusively at SummitWynds! We use a beyond delicious mix of rolled oats, wildflower honey, SummitWynds’ lavender, lemon extract and various seeds. The packaging and label are also unique to SummitWynds’ Lavender Farm Fest vision.

You can find the event schedule and information on Lavender Farm Fest website. We hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy our Lavender & Lemon granola!