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New Logo and Bag for Tropical Granola

Truly Tropical granola logo with beach background.

Truly Tropical Granola Updates

Truly Tropical granola is about to look a little different! You’ll notice that our mascot Gigi is embracing the island vacation mindset on the front of these new bags. This new flavor logo, along with a change in total bag ounces, will be available soon.

Truly Tropical Granola (9-oz Bag)

New Truly Tropical 9-oz Bag (Front)

Starting March 6th, our Truly Tropical granola will be available in new 9-oz bags instead of 10-oz bags. The size change is due to the increase in costs for all-natural ingredients like Certified Gluten-Free rolled oats, dried mangos, and cashews. As owner Deborah O’Kelly stated in the past, compromises will never be made on the quality of ingredients:

“We use dried mangos from California, cashews from Brazil and Certified Gluten-Free rolled oats from Oregon to make our Truly Tropical granola. Unfortunately all of these ingredients have become more expensive. Instead of compromising on the quality of ingredients, which we refuse to do for any granola flavor, we decided to change the ounce total in our new bags.”


New Granola Bags!

In addition to the new look for Truly Tropical, you can find the same type of resealable bag for our Bluesberry, Chocolate Decadence, Forest Maple, and Original granola flavors.

Truly Tropical Granola (9-oz) back of bag.

Truly Tropical Granola (9-oz) Back of Bag

The new bag features include:

  • Digital printing process that is eco-friendly
  • Manufactured in the US instead of overseas
  • Frosted window to reduce light exposure
  • Non-GMO Verified logo is now in color
  • Social media icons are in color on the back

We hope you love the new bags as much as we do!