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What Does "Freshly Baked" Mean?

Oven mitt with Creative Cranberry granola bag on a baking tray.

What Does “Freshly Baked” Mean?

Anna Olson of Food Network fame once said “Baking is done out of love, to share with family and friends, to see them smile.” Our goal is to show that same love and attention to each small batch of granola. This process involves keeping that freshly baked taste right from our oven to a resealable bag.

Pumpkin Harvest granola on baking trays

When you see a product labeled “freshly baked”, it means a baked good is prepared within a recent time period. When we create small batches of all-natural granola, they are baked, hand-stirred, then baked again to ensure a consistent crunchy texture. The granola is moved to resealable bags the same day so the final product stays fresh without the use of preservatives.

“When large manufacturers are making granola, it’s done on big, heavy equipment.” Says Deborah O’Kelly, owner of Golden Girl Granola. “That means people aren’t watching it as carefully as compared to a handcrafted, small batch process. You can taste the difference right away!”

This holiday season, we hope you get a chance to enjoy freshly baked foods from loved ones or directly from your oven. In case you are craving wholesome and delicious granola, you can order online or find a store nearest to you!

Listen to our “That’s Rad” podcast appearance to learn more about our baking history and process.