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Devilishly Delicious Chocolate Granola

Chocolate Decadence granola logo

Devilishly Delicious Chocolate Granola

Elizabeth in devil Halloween costume.

Jacquie and Elizabeth in their Halloween costumes

You may have noticed a change with Gigi’s appearance on our Chocolate Decadence granola bag. With the additions of horns, a tail, and a pitchfork, it seems that our mascot has been enjoying this devilishly delicious chocolate granola!

The new Chocolate Decadence artwork was the vision of Jacquie O’Kelly, our “Golden Girl” who created Gigi and all her different personas. Jacquie was inspired by her friend Elizabeth’s Halloween costume that debuted in elementary school, musing that it would be a “sin” not to try this decadent chocolate granola.

In addition to Chocolate Decadence being the perfect chocolate lover’s snack, it’s surprisingly low in sugar and salt! Also, when consumed in moderation, chocolate has some amazing health benefits. The chocolate chips we use are 63% bittersweet chocolate from Guittard®, which offers superior quality and taste. They blend perfectly with the toasted oats, sliced almonds and coconut shavings, providing plenty of flavor with just the right amount of sweetness.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we want you to enjoy a sweet deal! Starting February 1st, get 10% OFF Chocolate Decadence granola bags and snack packs. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys healthy and delicious snacks. Use it as a crunchy topping on a favorite yogurt or ice cream flavor, or eat it as a snack right out of the bag. Fall in love with this flavor today!


Chocolate Decadence granola (10 oz bag)