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Granola Small Business Spotlight

Deborah and Terry O'Kelly with Golden Girl Granola flavor sketches

Granola Small Business Spotlight

We received some beyond delicious news this week! Local news outlets wrote a front page article about how we started, what our handmade process entails and our dedication to the best granola fans ever.

Deborah O'Kelly holding front page of Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise paper

Deborah O’Kelly showing the front page of the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise

Here is an excerpt from the article where Terry and Deborah O’Kelly talk about how the baking process Golden Girl Granola uses allows for a better tasting product.

When the company first moved to Phoenix Park, it relied on a single rack oven. Now it’s able to put two racks in an oven. The granola is still double-baked, which Terry O’Kelly said brings out the best flavor.

“If you compare a slice of bread to a piece of toast there’s more flavor in the toast simply because it’s been cooked a little more. So same thing with the coconut and the almonds,” Terry O’Kelly said.

Deborah O’Kelly added: “If you’re doing it in a machine and you have a lot, you’re just tumbling it around and you’re just not getting this (product) — it’s not baked with the same care.”

This article can be found in the Lowell Sun, Nashoba Valley Voice, and Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise!