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Kid Friendly Holiday Treats

Dessert table during Christmas

Kid Friendly Holiday Treats

There is an undeniable magic and wonder you feel during this time of year. The sights, smells, and tastes of the season can get you into the holiday spirit. That same spirit might give you the urge to make beyond delicious, kid friendly holiday treats!

I remember how excited my children were for baked goods around the holidays. Years ago I was in a book club with four friends, and every Christmas we had a cookie swap. Each of us baked four dozen cookies to give away and got back four dozen different cookies. My daughters Jacquie and Catherine would wait for me to get home from the cookie swap so they could open all the packages of cookies from my friends. Sharing cookies gave me special moments with my family.

Creating fond memories with your kids while baking or sharing food together can last a lifetime. Scientific American’s blog post confirms that nostalgia can come from particular smells: “when we are flooded with the smells of the season the olfactory cortex and our episodic memories may be transporting us back to memories from our childhoods.”

Kid friendly holiday treat Tropical granola chocolate bark.

Tropical Granola Chocolate Bark

Here are some of our favorite desserts, made with our all-natural granola:

Tropical Granola Chocolate Bark

Make a Gluten-Free treat with our Truly Tropical granola! This easy-to-make bark combines chocolate, toasted coconut, granola, and your choice of dried fruit.

Peanut Butter Granola Cookies

Granola probably isn’t the first ingredient you think of when baking cookies. Our Chocolate Decadence granola pairs perfectly with peanut butter, making these cookies irresistible!

Chocolate decadence granola on ice cream sundaeChocolate Decadence Sundae

A classic dessert with a crunchy, chocolatey topping! Our twist on a sundae includes homemade fudge sauce, homemade whipped cream and Chocolate Decadence granola.


On behalf of all of us at Golden Girl Granola, I wish you Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

– Deborah O’Kelly, owner of Golden Girl Granola