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Balancing Nutrition and Taste

Original granola bag and nutrition facts balancing on a scale.

Balancing Nutrition and Taste

We try to find balance in the various aspects of our busy lives. Whether that’s between work and play, exercise and rest or eating healthy and indulgence, there are plenty of choices to be made. When you don’t have to decide between a food that tastes great and one that is nutritious, it makes for an enjoyable experience!

Our minds process a lot of information when consuming food. If we are trying something for the first time, answers to questions like “does this food taste good?” and “Do I feel satisfied after I eat it?” are commonplace. According to The Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute, taste can align with nutrition when expectations are met:

“We can fortify a food or beverage with essential vitamins, minerals, or functional ingredients, but a person will typically not consume it more than once if it doesn’t meet their taste expectations.”

Since most people won’t eat foods that their brain determines as undesirable, it’s crucial to use ingredients that are appealing (and also nutritious).

Ingredient Choices Impact Taste and Nutrition

Deborah and Terry with Granola

The way we try to achieve a balance in our granola’s taste and nutrition starts with all-natural ingredients. Instead of using artificial sweeteners to enhance the taste of our granola, we go with natural sweeteners like pure maple syrup and wildflower honey. Adding spices, dried fruits, nuts or bittersweet chocolate chips also helps distinguish the flavors and nutritional value we are trying to achieve. Owner of Golden Girl Granola Deborah O’Kelly learned about the importance of balance early on:

“When we are hosting tastings at a grocery store or local market, the first compliment we usually hear from a customer is “this tastes delicious!” This is sometimes stated with a surprised tone as people assume that granola is going to taste bland because it’s healthy for you. Since people can associate healthier foods with not having a great taste (or no taste at all), we looked at this as a challenge! We wanted to offer granola flavors that taste delicious and are also wholesome, without the use of preservatives.”

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