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Granola Bags Price Increase Starts September 15th

Golden Girl Granola flavors with fall décor.

Granola Bags Price Increase 2022

Our love for making handcrafted granola includes a considerable amount of time dedicated to the details. Sourcing all-natural ingredients without compromising on flavor, purchasing the right bags that keep granola fresh and using quality shipping materials to securely deliver orders are all part of the beyond delicious process. This year we’ve seen these resources increase in cost, which means we need to adjust our granola bag pricing.

The following price increases will take effect starting September 15th, 2022:

Bluesberry Granola (9 oz) = $8.00
Chocolate Decadence Granola (10 oz) = $8.00
Creative Cranberry Granola (10 oz) = $8.00
Forest Maple Granola (10 oz) = $8.00
Home Sweet Honey Granola (10 oz) = $8.00
Original Granola (10 oz) = $8.00
Pumpkin Harvest (9 oz) = $8.00

Honey Granola Variety Pack = $23.50
Maple Granola Variety Pack = $30.00

We’re happy to say that Truly Tropical Granola (10 oz), Honey granola bars and all granola snack pack flavors will not see a price increase! Also our “free shipping on all orders of $42 or more” offer will remain the same.

Owner Deborah O’Kelly on the price increases:

“I always delay price increases for as long as possible, and this time is no exception. Golden Girl Granola is committed to sourcing all-natural ingredients of the finest quality and to making the most delicious granola!”

Thank you for your continued support. Take advantage of our current pricing by ordering online today!

Deborah O'Kelly at Emerson Hospital Walk event