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The Art of Baking

Deborah O'Kelly smelling freshly baked granola on tray

The Art of Baking

Baking connects us in profound ways. The process of mixing fresh ingredients, transferring those ingredients into an oven and waiting for magic to happen is a test of patience. It’s the end result of sharing your culinary marvel that makes it all worth it. We believe the art of crafting delicious baked goods can form a closer relationship to your food and loved ones.

Creativity has always been present in the history of baking. BakeryCity.com’s blog post points out the evolution of baking, like in the Roman Empire:

“Around 300 BC, the Roman Empire saw baking begin to flourish as they started using ovens with their own chimneys. The title of pastry cook became a prestigious career path for Romans because of their love for decadent foods and celebrations. This resulted in pastry cooks experimenting with and making all kinds of goodies for parties, thus being esteemed for their work.”

Bowl with pumpkin seeds, lavender, flax seeds and sesame seeds

Lavender granola ingredients for Summit Wynds Farm special release (2021)

Of course you need to apply science while baking as certain processes must be repeated to get the same intended result. But it’s the curiosity and willingness to experiment with different ingredients that can produce a beyond delicious result! Golden Girl Granola owner Deborah O’Kelly talks about what she focuses on when baking:

“Like any art, the art of baking requires dedication, precision and care. I’m a very visual person when it comes to baking. The aesthetics of the ingredients along with how they taste when combined are priorities. It’s all worth it when I hear about the joy our customers, friends and family experience when they taste our granola.”

If you love to bake, mark your calendars as World Baking Day is May 17th! Share your favorite recipe that uses our granola (tag us on social media) and we’ll be sure to give you a shoutout. We’re also celebrating by offering a free granola bar with your online order through 5/17.

Happy baking!

Deborah and Terry O'Kelly cutting granola bars

Deborah and Terry O’Kelly cutting granola bars