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Why We Make Granola

Deborah and Jacquie display granola flavors

Why We Make Granola

We can’t believe it has been 14 years since the beginning of our beyond delicious journey! What started as a farmers’ market experiment is now a woman-owned, family-run artisan granola company. Owner Deborah O’Kelly talks about why her family chose to make granola and what she enjoys about the business.

Why did you choose granola over other baked goods?

In the summer of 2007, my family initially sold home-fried doughnuts at the farmers’ market in Carlisle, MA. The first day we realized that we needed to make baked goods with a longer shelf-life, as the quality of our doughnuts significantly decreased by the end of the day. My daughter Jacquie researched different recipes and found that granola would be a perfect fit. Customers at the farmers’ market said our homemade granola was the best they ever tasted! The positive responses gave us the idea of starting a granola business.

Why do you love making granola?

Deborah showing granola boxesI love making granola because it smells amazing after being freshly baked in the oven! The different flavors and textures you can create with granola is intriguing to me. It’s also very rewarding to know that so many customers enjoy what we create!

How does granola help people connect?

Starting in the farmers’ market helped me connect directly with customers. Having conversations about our granola gave my family ideas on how to improve our offerings. Over the years I’ve met so many wonderful people: customers at store tastings, specialty food producers and vendors at events, and owners of small businesses in the community.

I believe that food brings people together. It’s in that spirit we publish recipes that use our granola as an ingredient or topping, providing different ways to enjoy our products. When I hold granola tastings in stores, I often see kids try our granola and they really enjoy it! It’s a food both parents and children can enjoy.

How does Golden Girl Granola leave a positive impact on the community?

Golden Girl Granola has always been committed to having a positive impact on our local community. This began with our participation in many local farmers’ markets and continues today in different capacities. We are members of three local chambers of commerce, make granola donations to community events in Massachusetts and Connecticut along with donations to hospitals and other organizations during the pandemic.We are also proud to offer local jobs making granola in Shirley, MA.

Why does the world need Golden Girl Granola?

The world needs small businesses like us because we listen to the needs of our fans and respond to those needs. When we met customers at farmers’ markets and found out what they really wanted, we adjusted our recipes to meet their requirements (like creating a certified gluten-free oats flavor). It’s the fans that make us believe our products are needed to contribute to their happiness. That’s why we continue to make beyond delicious granola year-round.


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