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Earth Friendly Granola

Earth Day Golden Girl Granola Logo

Earth Day Friendly Granola

We are celebrating Earth Day by renewing our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact while making the finest, all-natural granola! Being part of the food industry means we have a great responsibility to make our products in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. This focus benefits our community, our fans and most importantly the earth we all share!

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
– Wendell Berry (American novelist and poet)

Here are some of the ways we are eco-friendly:

All-Natural and Locally Sourced Ingredients

All of the ingredients used in our granola are all-natural. That means no man-made preservatives, artificial colors or flavors make their way into the bag. Not only is this a healthier option for our bodies, but it means less energy and waste from manufacturers.

When possible we use locally sourced ingredients, including New England maple syrup, blueberries and cranberries. This lowers our carbon footprint with incoming supply shipments and supports small businesses.

Create Artisan Batches

Hand-crafting small, locally produced batches of granola not only makes it taste better, but it removes the need for machines to process the product. Less energy is used with this method and our arms get a nice workout from mixing ingredients!

Golden Girl Granola bakers mixing ingredients

Bakers mixing granola ingredients.

Recyclable Granola Bags

Our granola bags are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic, one of the most commonly used plastics (think water and soda bottles). They can be recycled anywhere that accepts #1 plastics.

Repurpose Canola Oil Drums and Maple Syrup Jugs

Expeller pressed canola oil containers

Expeller pressed canola oil containers

As part of our baking process, we use non-GMO, expeller-pressed canola oil. The oil is extracted by squeezing the plant seeds rather than using chemical solvents that have to be processed for removal. This oil comes in 55-gallon plastic drums that are repurposed for:

  • The collection of rainwater and then gravity-fed irrigation on several local farms
  • Goat feeders on other farms
  • Holding tanks for lobsters as sea water is circulated in the drums
  • Parking lot barriers after they are filled with water

We also receive our maple syrup in 5-gallon plastic jugs. These are repurposed for:

  • Local gardeners that are starting up plants, particularly tomato plants
  • Construction sites for mixing mortar

Use of Solar Power

The facility where our kitchen is located uses solar energy to provide electrical power. Renewable energy lights our efficient LED tubes and keeps our bagging equipment running.

Golden Girl Granola facility solar panels

Golden Girl Granola facility solar panels

We hope you have an incredible Earth Day! We are always open to hearing new ways to become even more eco-friendly. If you have any ideas, send them through our Contact Us form.