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Granola Replacement - Keepin’ It Crunchy!


Granola Replacement – Keepin’ It Crunchy!

June 18, 2018 – Golden Girl Granola distinguishes itself on being crunchy, wholesome, and delicious. Recently, a few alert customers informed us that we were missing the crunch in our Home Sweet Honey and Original varieties. The bags they received were tasty and nutritious, but the granola was chewy. It was not bad—it was just like many of our competitors’ granola. And that’s not good enough.

We traced the production dates to a week where spring sprang early, along with humidity and hot temperatures, then reverted back to cool temperatures. The two honey-based granola products did not react well to the sudden humidity and hardened in the sealed bags. The Home Sweet Honey and Original were a sticky mass rather than free flowing grains, and the crunch was gone.

It’s crunch time for us, and we want to replace every bag that any customer has found to be chewy and sticky. Please send us an email (goldengirlgranola@gmail.com) with the subject line “Granola Replacement” and include: your name, address, number and type of bag, and—if possible—the best-by date on the bag. We will send a replacement bag for each substandard product, as well as recipe cards describing how to use our granola as an ingredient in dishes devised by prize-winning food bloggers.

In order to guarantee that every bag we produce meets our high standards for crunch, nutrition, and taste, we have installed additional air conditioning units and hydrometers in our kitchen for more uniform temperature and humidity throughout the process and revised our baking times and temperatures based on any deviation from the standard humidity. All granola must pass a new flow test to ensure that there are no lumps or clumps before packaging.

We apologize for any disappointment anyone has found in our product, and we sincerely thank those customers who kindly brought this problem to our attention. Their information allowed us to react quickly to identify and resolve the issue before most of the substandard product reached grocery stores. The Golden Girl Granola team commits itself to making the best granola available, and we want our customers to be delighted with each and every bag.

– The Golden Girl Granola Team