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Golden Girl Kitchen News

Bluesberry granola raw ingredients

Golden Girl Kitchen News

Hello granola fans! We hope this post finds you healthy, safe and enjoying your favorite summer snack.

Here are a few tasty updates from our kitchen to your screen:

How has Covid-19 affected Golden Girl Granola?

Golden Girl Granola ingredients and granola bagsOur grocery store sales have actually increased because so many people are staying at home and cooking. That is one reason why we have been highlighting recipes that use our granola! These recipes can provide a creative outlet during a time when being stuck at home can start to get a bit mundane.

Although grocery sales have increased, in-store granola demos have completely stopped for all products in order to reduce the risk of accidental contact. We miss interacting with our loyal customers and introducing new ones to our flavors. Those interactions are invaluable opportunities to learn about what our customers enjoy and what’s important to them.

Online sales have increased dramatically as many fans are avoiding having to go out to public stores or have temporarily lost jobs. In lieu of these changes, we are now covering shipping costs (for orders of $42 or more) to assist our fans.

What is Golden Girl Granola doing differently?

Our kitchen team realizes how important it is to watch out for each other and to continue our work. Everyone on staff wears a mask while working together while also limiting public exposure to keep each other safe. The effort has brought everyone closer together with a smile on our faces!

Golden Girl Granola staff photo collage

What does the future hold?

The O'Kelly FamilyThis summer marks 13 years after our daughters started their experiment at the Carlisle, Massachusetts farmers’ market. In commemoration of our anniversary, we thought we would celebrate with a “baker’s dozen” promotion. From July 27th – August 2nd, receive a FREE 10 oz bag or granola bar with every dozen purchased. We hope you enjoy eating the free granola as much as we enjoy creating it!

Our mascot Gigi is loving our revised packaging, now offered in stores! The new design can be seen on our Bluesberry (the reason for the “misspelling” is now obvious), Creative Cranberry, Forest Maple, and Home Sweet Honey flavors.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to make healthy, crunchy and Beyond Delicious granola!

– The O’Kelly Family