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Golden Girl Granola Price Increase Announcement

Golden Girl Granola Products

Golden Girl Granola Price Increase

Online Granola Prices Will Change November 2018

Shirley, MA October 22 – Golden Girl Granola is announcing a price increase starting November 1st. All products featured on Golden Girl Granola’s online store will reflect this change. This price increase helps ensure the highest quality natural ingredients remain in each granola flavor.

The cost of ingredients for Golden Girl Granola products has continued to rise since 2017. Pure vanilla extract, which is an ingredient found in all of the granola flavors, had a price increase of 200% in 2017 due to Tropical Storm Enawo. An additional 20% price increase was implemented in January 2018 because of speculation. With the market changes for granola ingredients, Golden Girl Granola decided to adjust their product pricing.

“We will never sacrifice quality and taste for cost.” explains Deborah O’Kelly, owner of Golden Girl Granola. “While we would save money by using artificial flavoring in place of natural ingredients, we insist on producing the same high quality, all-natural granola our customers have come to expect and enjoy.”

Single 10 oz. granola bags will increase to $7, with the Truly Tropical flavor increasing to $8. Snack packs (six 2 oz. bags per pack) will increase to $18, with the Truly Tropical flavor increasing to $19.50. Flavor groupings, such as “The Honeys” or “The Maples”, will also see a price increase. Granola products offered in various stores will see adjusted prices at each store’s discretion.

“This price increase will allow Golden Girl Granola to continue to offer customers New England’s best crunchy, wholesome and delicious granola.” says Deborah. “We encourage our customers to give us any feedback they have through our website or social media channels.”

About Golden Girl Granola:

Golden Girl Granola™ is a family-owned and -operated business located in Shirley, Massachusetts and produces a branded line of gourmet granola products superior in taste and made from the highest-quality ingredients. Golden Girl Granola is a “Healthy Snack” alternative for health conscious consumers who appreciate good taste. Flavors include Forest Maple, Creative Cranberry, Bluesberry, Chocolate Decadence, Original, Home Sweet Honey, and Truly Tropical. Golden Girl Granola offers the complete line nationwide for Chain Supermarkets, Independent Supermarkets, Gourmet Food Stores, Club Stores and Convenience Stores.